EU SFDR Disclosure

Providence Equity Partners L.L.C.’s (“Providence”) policy on the integration of sustainability risks in its investment decision making process can be found at:

We believe it is important to consider the environmental, social and governance (ESG) implications of our investments. Engrained in this approach is not just about being good corporate citizens, it is also about being responsible stewards of the capital committed to us by our investors. Providence is a member of the American Investment Council (AIC), a trade group representing private equity firms. Working with the AIC, we have adopted a set of comprehensive guidelines that incorporate environmental, health, safety, labor, governance and social issues into our investment decision-making process and ownership activities. We believe following these guidelines affirm our long-standing commitment to and practice of these principles. We believe following these principles can positively influence our investment returns and are consistent with investing for growth.

Providence is required to publish information on whether it considers the “adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors” under the SFDR. Providence does not currently consider the prescribed adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors in connection with its funds, as defined under and in accordance with the SFDR. This is because it is not currently in a position to obtain and/or measure all the data which it would be required by the SFDR to report, or to do so systematically, consistently and at a reasonable cost to clients and investors. This is in part because underlying investments are not widely required to, and may not currently, report by reference to the same data. Providence expects to keep this position under review by reference to applicable market developments and future availability of information.

Date of publication: March 10, 2021