A-Z Team

Name Title Location
Steven W. Alesio Operating Partner New York
Barry K. Allen Operating Partner Providence
Christopher M. Andrews Senior Associate, PSG Providence
Tanner Austin Associate, PSG Providence
Tony Ball Senior Advisor London
Roman A. Bejger General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer Providence
Siddhant S. Bhatt Associate New York
Stefano Bosio Associate London
Kevin Boudreau Senior Associate Providence
Jason S. Brupbacher Vice President, Business Development Providence
Peter Chernin Senior Advisor New York
Edward A. Chestnut Managing Director, Business Development New York
John P. Clancy Managing Director, PSG Providence
George R. Cobleigh Director, Taxation Providence
Sarah N. Conde Associate General Counsel New York
Lauren E. Cook Associate General Counsel New York
Glenn M. Creamer Senior Managing Director Providence
Robert Daly Director, Valuation & Strategic Analysis Providence
Sanjeev Dheer Senior Advisor Providence
Michael J. Dominguez Managing Director Providence
Paul J. Donahue Associate New York
David K. Duffell Senior Advisor Providence
Adam J. Dufner Analyst, PSG Providence
Patrick D. Dunn Managing Director Providence
Alexis Egan Managing Director, PSG Providence
James S. Eisenstein Operating Partner Providence
Joshua C. Empson Managing Director New York
Robert J. Farrell Senior Advisor Providence
Marco J. Ferrari Managing Director, PSG Providence
Aaron W. Fine Associate General Counsel Providence
Kevin J. Ford Vice President Providence
Christopher Gabriel Senior Advisor Providence
Timothy L. Ghosh Associate Providence
Charles E. Gottdiener Chief Operating Officer & Managing Director New York
Hayley T. Goydan Associate New York
Michael N. Gray Managing Director Providence
John C. Hahn Senior Managing Director London
Mark E. Hastings Managing Director & Head of PSG Providence
Mark A. Hatton Senior Advisor Providence
Thomas B. Hodges Director London
Peter I. Hoenigsberg Senior Advisor Providence
Jennifer S. Hoh Principal New York
Daniel E. Holland Director, Business Development Providence
William S. Hughes Principal Providence
Edward FL. Hughes Director London
Alan D. Kantowitz Associate New York
Siniša Krnić Director, European Tax & Compliance London
Lauren Kwak Senior Associate, Business Development Hong Kong
Varun Laul Director New Delhi
Samuel J. Lawrence Analyst, PSG Providence
Lisa M. Lee Managing Director, Business Development New York
Sofian Lignier Senior Associate London
Yu Luo Associate London
Keri N. Magner Senior Associate, Business Development Providence
Scott M. Marimow Managing Director Providence
John R. Marquis Vice President, PSG Providence
Christoph J. Martin Senior Associate London
Noy Meshulami Associate New York
Alexander Mishenin Associate London
Arnaud Moreels Senior Associate London
Michael G. Mullen Senior Advisor New York
Steven P. Murray Senior Associate Providence
Brian A. Napack Senior Advisor New York
Soha Nashaat Senior Advisor London
Jonathan M. Nelson Chief Executive Officer New York, Providence
Christopher S. Nesbitt Senior Associate, PSG Providence
R. Davis Noell Managing Director New York
Michael B. Pappas Associate Providence
Richard D. Parsons Senior Advisor New York
Keyur K. Patel Associate, PSG Providence
J. David Phillips Managing Director Providence
Marc G. Puglia Chief Financial Officer & Managing Director Providence
Tullio M. Purtill Senior Associate, PSG Providence
Christopher C. Ragona Managing Director Providence
Dipish Rai Senior Associate London
Dany H. Rammal Managing Director London
Thomas M. Reardon Managing Director, PSG Providence
Jessica A. Ribeiro Vice President, Human Resources Providence
Paul A. Russ Senior Associate, PSG Providence
Paul J. Salem Senior Managing Director Providence
Christopher F. Saunders Associate, PSG Providence
Roderik A. Schlösser Director London
Byron D. Scott Senior Associate New York
Joshua L. Selip Senior Associate New York
Rajiv Shah Associate New York
David G. Simpson Principal Providence
William K. Skarinka Vice President, PSG Providence
Michael Song Principal Providence
Lucy Stamell Dobrin Vice President New York
Paul Stocker Head of Information Technology Providence
Matthew M. Stone Vice President, PSG Providence
Brian S. Strachan Jr. Analyst, PSG Providence
Robert Sudo Managing Director London
Karim A. Tabet Managing Director London
Parth Thakkar Associate Providence
Marc Thompson Senior Advisor Providence
Matt Ting Associate New York
Andrew A. Tisdale Managing Director London
Alba Topallaj Senior Associate, Business Development London
Gopi Vaddi Managing Director, PSG Providence
Charles S. Vernudachi Managing Director, Business Development London
Michaël Vervisch Vice President London
Matthew A. Wappler Analyst, PSG Providence
Kevin Watson Senior Advisor Providence
Eric Westphal Associate Providence
Marc A. White III Associate, PSG Providence
Peter O. Wilde Managing Director Providence
Johana Zhera Vice President, Business Development New York
James F. Zumberge Vice President New York
Daniel J. Zwicky Associate London