Roderik Schlösser

Senior Advisor
Roderik Schlösser joined Providence in 2006 and is now a senior advisor. He is the CEO of Superstruct Entertainment.

Roderik Schlösser is a senior advisor of Providence and CEO of Superstruct Entertainment. He also serves as a director of Chime Communications. Prior to joining Superstruct as CEO in 2021, Mr. Schlösser was a managing director at Providence, where he led the formation of Superstruct in 2017. Prior to joining Providence in 2006, Mr. Schlösser worked in Deutsche Bank’s TMT investment banking group. Mr. Schlösser received a Master of Science in Business Administration from Tilburg University.

Portfolio Highlights
Superstruct Entertainment
Superstruct Entertainment is a live entertainment platform that owns and operates more than 30 large scale festivals and live music events globally.

Superstruct Entertainment

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Chime Communications
Chime is a global advertising and marketing services business based in the UK.

Chime Communications

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