MASORANGE is a leading integrated telecommunications operator in Spain. Established in 2024 as a result of the joint venture between MASMOVIL and Orange Spain, MASORANGE is headquartered in Madrid and operates through a set of national and regional sub-brands.

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I was really impressed at the beginning. Before Providence came on board, they did their due diligence. Where others needed 2 months, Providence needed 2 weeks to understand our business."
Meinrad Spenger, CEO, MASORANGE

*This statement was provided by Meinrad Spenger while serving as the CEO of MASMOVIL (now known as MASORANGE), which is a portfolio company of certain investment vehicles advised by Providence. Mr. Spenger was not compensated for providing this statement. Providence may have certain discretion or influence over the compensation or other benefits of portfolio company executives, and such compensation or benefits could incentivize such executives to provide favorable evaluations of their experiences working with Providence. Mr. Spenger was not an investor at the time the statement was made nor is he a current investor in any strategies sponsored by Providence.