OEConnection is a provider of SaaS solutions for automotive original equipment parts sales.

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Providence knows how to transform businesses and get great returns. We now have a global business with much more product, much more customer base, much more opportunity than we had in 2016. We could have never done that without Providence. We are very thankful and we're excited for the next chapter of the business."
Chuck Rotuno, Chairman & CEO, OEConnection

*This statement was provided by Chuck Rotuno while serving as the Chairman and CEO of OEConnection, which was a portfolio company of certain investment vehicles advised by Providence. Mr. Rotuno was not compensated for providing this statement. Providence may have certain discretion or influence over the compensation or other benefits of portfolio company executives, and such compensation or benefits could incentivize such executives to provide favorable evaluations of their experiences working with Providence. Mr. Rotuno is an indirect investor in strategies sponsored by Providence.