Galileo Global Education is an international provider of higher education with an offer that spans from applied arts, fashion, design and digital/Internet to business and medicine. 

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Education needs long-term commitments, education deserves the most prestigious institutional investors, education is an investment like no other because it is an investment in women and men in their own development as well as in the development of tomorrow’s society."
Marc-François Mignot Mahon, Chief Executive Officer of Galileo Global Education

*This statement was provided by Marc-Francois Mignot Mahon while serving as the CEO of Galileo Global Education, which was a portfolio company of certain investment vehicles advised by Providence. Mr. Mahon was not compensated for providing this statement. Providence may have certain discretion or influence over the compensation or other benefits of portfolio company executives, and such compensation or benefits could incentivize such executives to provide favorable evaluations of their experiences working with Providence. Mr. Mahon is an indirect investor in strategies sponsored by Providence.