A-Z Team

Name Title Location
Robert Benson Product Manager, PSG Boston
Lori B. Ali Managing Director, Head of Talent, PSG Boston
William J. Aliber Managing Director, PSG Kansas City
Barry K. Allen Operating Partner Providence
Kasper Alsing Associate London
William An Associate London
Govind D. Anand Principal, PSG Boston
Christopher M. Andrews Principal, PSG Boston
Rabih Aouad Associate, PSG London
Tanner Austin Senior Associate, PSG Boston
Tony Ball Senior Advisor London
Borja Cabrera Bellon Associate London
Alexandre Berenga Associate, PSG London
Skip Besthoff Managing Director, PSG Boston
Colby Blaze Analyst, PSG Boston
Nicholas BonDurant Associate, PSG Boston
Maria João Borges Associate London
Stefano Bosio Senior Associate London
Kevin Boudreau Vice President Providence
Brian D. Boudreau Director, Valuation & Strategic Analysis Providence
Greg Brown Operating Partner Providence
Tim Burke Associate, PSG Boston
Taryn Cadle Associate, PSG Kansas City
Neil Carew Principal, PSG Boston
Jason Chan Associate, PSG Boston
Peter Chernin Senior Advisor New York
Edward A. Chestnut Managing Director, Business Development New York
Rohan Chudasama Analyst, PSG Boston
John P. Clancy Managing Director, Head of Portfolio Operations, PSG Boston
Chris Collins Senior Associate, PSG Boston
Eric Conaway Principal, PSG Kansas City
Sarah N. Conde Senior Legal Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer Providence
Glenn M. Creamer Senior Managing Director Emeritus, Senior Advisor Providence
Robert Daly Director, Valuation & Strategic Analysis Providence
Karn Dasgupta Associate London
Laura B. Desmond Operating Partner New York
Michael J. Dominguez Chief Investment Officer Providence
Hayley Donaldson Senior Associate New York
David K. Duffell Senior Advisor Providence
Adam J. Dufner Senior Associate, PSG Boston
Patrick Dunn Managing Director Providence, Boston
Jeremy Ellison Associate New York
Joshua C. Empson Managing Director New York
Rick Essex Managing Director, PSG Boston
Jake Fenlon Associate Providence
Jessica Fenwick Vice President, Controller, PSG Boston
Marco J. Ferrari Managing Director, PSG Boston
Aaron W. Fine Senior Legal Counsel Providence
Kevin J. Ford Principal Providence
Britney Fox Senior Manager, Operations, PSG Boston
Jesse Friedlander Associate New York
Daniel Gennaoui Associate, PSG London
Zachary Glosser Analyst, PSG Boston
Michael N. Gray Managing Director Providence
Z. Jimmy Guan Senior Associate, PSG Boston
Kristie Han Senior Associate, PSG Boston
Nicolas Harding Vice President, PSG London
Mark E. Hastings Chief Executive Officer, PSG Boston
Andrew D. Heim Senior Associate, PSG Boston
Jennifer S. Hoh Managing Director New York
Daniel E. Holland Director, Business Development Providence
Kumeil Hosain Analyst, PSG Boston
William S. Hughes Managing Director Providence
Edward FL. Hughes Managing Director, PSG London
Ben Johnson Associate Providence
Alexander Keyes Associate New York
Robert Kiska Analyst Providence
Adam Klecka Senior Associate London
Liza Konovalova Associate, PSG Boston
David Krantz Operating Partner Providence
Siniša Krnić Managing Director, European Tax & Compliance London
Denise Kwong Analyst, PSG Boston
Justin Lappin Associate, PSG Boston
Samuel J. Lawrence Senior Associate, PSG Boston
Lisa M. Lee Managing Director, Business Development New York
Sofian Lignier Director London
Yu Luo Senior Associate London
Rachel Mack Talent Manager, PSG Boston
Keri N. Magner Vice President, Business Development Providence
Ahana Maken Associate Providence
Clint Marchese Vice President, PSG Boston
Adam Marcus Managing Director, PSG Boston
Aldo Mareuse Managing Director, PSG London
Scott M. Marimow Managing Director Providence
John R. Marquis Managing Director, PSG Boston
Jennifer Martin Director, Controller Providence
Andrew Mayleben Analyst, PSG Boston
Michael McCulloch Vice President Providence, Boston
Fraser Mcleod Associate Legal Counsel London
Alexander Mishenin Vice President London
Mike Monagle Principal Providence
Jeffrey A. Monk Senior Associate, PSG Boston
Steven P. Murray Vice President Providence
Jonathan M. Nelson Executive Chairman New York, Providence
Christopher S. Nesbitt Principal, PSG Boston
Katherine Nimmo Senior Associate, PSG Boston
R. Davis Noell Senior Managing Director New York
Evan Ocko Senior Associate, PSG Boston
Ade Okunyade Associate, PSG Boston
Tomás Olalde Pablos Associate, PSG London
Benjamin O’Connor Vice President Providence, Boston
Michael B. Pappas Senior Associate Providence
Jack Parchman Vice President, PSG Kansas City
Richard D. Parsons Senior Advisor New York
Keyur K. Patel Senior Associate, PSG Boston
J. David Phillips Senior Managing Director Providence
Derek Pimentel Associate, PSG London
Marc G. Puglia Chief Financial Officer & Managing Director Providence
Tullio M. Purtill Vice President, PSG Boston
Christopher C. Ragona Managing Director Providence
Namrita Rai Vice President, PSG Boston
Julian Rajan Analyst Providence
Dany Rammal Head of PSG Europe London
Sam Ravani Associate Providence
Thomas M. Reardon Managing Director, PSG Boston
Jessica A. Ribeiro Director, Head of Human Resources Providence
Tobias Richter Vice President, PSG London
John M. Runk Associate, PSG Boston
Majken Runquist Vice President Providence, Boston
Paul A. Russ Principal, PSG Boston
Paul J. Salem Senior Managing Director Emeritus Providence
Neil Sareen Associate, PSG Boston
Roderik A. Schlösser Managing Director London
Lezama Schneider Associate London
Byron D. Scott Principal New York
Ciprian Scriban Analyst, PSG London
Joshua L. Selip Vice President New York
Monish Shah Senior Associate, PSG Boston
Andrew Shon Associate Providence
Matthew T. Simoni Director, Valuation & Strategic Analysis Providence
Apara Sivaraman Associate New York
William K. Skarinka Managing Director, PSG Boston
Jack Smith Senior Associate, PSG Kansas City
Michael Song Managing Director Providence
Arthi Sridharan Associate Legal Counsel New York
Lucy Stamell Dobrin Principal New York
Paul Stocker Chief Technology Officer Providence
Matthew M. Stone Managing Director, PSG Boston
Francisco Storani Senior Associate, PSG London
Robert Sudo Managing Director London
Leanne Sullivan Director of Administration, PSG Boston
Karim A. Tabet Senior Managing Director London
Andrew A. Tisdale Senior Managing Director London
Stacey Tramonti Global Head of Administration Providence
Peter Troost Managing Director, PSG Boston
Samantha P. Tutelman Associate, PSG Boston
Chiara van der Put Associate, PSG London
Till van Dorp Senior Associate London
Charles S. Vernudachi Managing Director, Business Development London
Michaël Vervisch Managing Director London
Tejas Vora Associate, PSG Boston
Matthew A. Wappler Associate, PSG Boston
Marc A. White III Senior Associate, PSG London
Peter O. Wilde Chairman, PSG Boston
Andy Williams Vice President, PSG Boston
Jill Wittenborn Vice President, PSG Kansas City
Caroline Yevak Associate New York
Edwin Yun Associate New York
Richard Zajeski Vice President, PSG Boston
Dong Zhao Senior Associate New York
James F. Zumberge Principal New York
Daniel J. Zwicky Vice President London

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